Mazda Raceway Recap

Mazda Raceway LS recap

What a great place to wrap up the season. In TCA: Johan Schwartz geared up for an amazing weekend in the Tech Sport Chevy Sonic. In qualifying he hit a curb, throwing his camber out of spec. He wasn’t the only one and the top 3 finishers ended up starting race 1 from the back. He drove a beautiful race to finish 4th. Johan repeated those results in race 2. Race 3 proved to be super challenging, as the high curbing on the inside apex of Mazda Raceway trashed his rim. Fortunately, Tech Sport Racing’s amazing crew of Keith, Cody and Devin were able to quickly change the tire and get him back on track track to clinch the TCB Championship! In TCA :Kevin Anderson was joined by Gino Carini in the Mazda RX8’s The new ZN Performance engines were incredible. It was the first time both drivers have ever been to the track. Race 1 Kevin finished 6 and Gino finished 8th. In race 2, Kevin’s 5th quickly melted as he met the deep gravel of MRLS’ s turn 9. Gino experienced a problem with the power steering and ended up 11th. In race 3, Kevin finally got comfortable with the track and took his 10th place start and turned it into a 2nd place finish winning him the VP Fuels Hard Charger award. Way to go Kevin! Thank you so much to Jason Saini for his dedication and integrity this season. Thank you to our crew Keith, Devin and newcomer Cody for all their hard work