Mid Ohio Recap World Challenge

It was not only the first time we were ever at Mid Ohio but also the first time on track for the newly built car. Our main car was totaled at Road America just a few weeks ago, So we had to quickly get this car together.

The test day was spent learning the track. During qualifying the car had developed a very bad understeer on the new tires which wasn’t there on the old test tires. So we made some aggressive setup changes for race , hoping to free up the car and pick up speed.

But on the outlap of race 1 the sky’s opened up and it started raining. We quickly realized that the car was now incredibly loose. Un-drivable in the wet conditions, We decided to save the car for Race 2 and retire. Heartbreaking but since we were not going to be competitive, there was way more at risk then could be gained.

We were now starting race 2 in 9th position, The weather had called for thunderstorms at the exact time the race was to start. We put a very soft “rain” setup on the car expecting to again be caught on the slicks in the wet. The rain never came. The car handled very nice in the race, but could have been better. There is more speed in the setup and the driver at Mid Ohio. We started 9th and had a great start. Moved up to 6th, then ran a pretty uneventful race and finished 4th.

Very happy with 4th place finished.